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At the Aquaculture Technology Centre, CTAQUA, our main focus is aquaculture -one of the fastest growing food production industries worldwide-, featuring as a sustainable alternative to provide society with healthy and affordable foodstuffs.

We work for meeting R&D&i needs in the aquaculture and seafood industries, by developing bespoke solutions for their multiple technical and production processes; implementing applied research as the driving force; being supported by expertise and professionalism, innovation, and creativity, as well as our commitment to society and the environment.

We are located in El Puerto de Santa María, in an unbeatable location of the province of Cádiz,Spain

More than 16 YEARS of experience

Multidisciplinary team


Experimental Development

Strategic location

Our facilities are located in El Puerto de Santa María, in an excellent position in the province of Cádiz (Spain).

The CTAQUA building fulfils multiple research functions related to the various productive fields of aquaculture and seafood activity. The facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment and the necessary versatility to to be able to carry out these tasks.

Research services

CTAQUA conducts experimental tests with a vast range of sea water fishes species including European bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), Gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata), Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis), Flathead grey mullet or striped mullet (Mugil cephalus) or Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili), as well as freshwater species including Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) or Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), and crustaceans (Litopenaeus vannamei).

Nutrition and Diversification

Farming techniques streamlining - farming of emerging species, charge density, salinity, temperature, feeding strategies, etc.

Validation of new feeding compounds for aquaculture integrating protein and fatty acids from new sources.

Validation of new functional ingredients integrated into the aquaculture feed – prebiotics, probiotics, active compounds, etc.

Design and manufacturing of wew feed formulations.

Animal Health

Animal health challenges based on our own standardised models focused on various species concerning different pathogens of interest for the aquaculture industry.

Isolation and cultivation of different bacterial species making up the strains at CTAQUA.

Studies on bacteriostatic activity or minimum inhibitory concentration.

Diagnosis of diseases.

Biochemical and molecular tests for innate and adaptive immunity response assessment.


We have growing experience in the cultivation of macroalgae.

We have the necessary resources to carry out studies on the potential for algae cultivation in specific regions, studies to determine the optimum species, as well as the appropriate cultivation method, either in the facilities available at our centre or in collaboration with companies in the sector through pilot trials carried out in situ.

We have our own infrastructure to test different cultivation methods, both indoors and outdoors, which allow us to control fundamental factors involved in the growth and chemical composition of the algae, such as temperature, radiation and salinity, among others.


At CTAQUA one of our lines of actions is focused on seafood and fishing and aquaculture processed products. Innovation-driven processes help us to get the most out of the raw materials, and to improve economic and environmental sustainability.

We have a pilot plant equipped with small-scale industrial equipment that allows us to carry out all types of validation tests that can be extrapolated to an industrial scale. This pilot plant is complemented by the Food Technology laboratory equipped to carry out shelf-life studies through microbiological and organoleptic analyses in accordance with current regulations..


Applied Research and


Our team has extensive experience in the application, management and execution of international, national and regional R + D + i PROJECTS in different areas of interest.


Our profile

CTAQUA’s capabilities as an entity allow us to participate in projects in different roles, depending on the field in which our expertise is needed, as a leader, as a partner or leading specific work packages.


Areas of Expertise

Animal nutrition

Animal welfare

Sustainable aquaculture and spatial planning

Development and evaluation of new seafood products.



In addition to national and regional projects financed with public funds, we actively participate in the international arena in various calls for proposals financed mainly by the European Union.



Proof of this is the number of projects in which we have participated funded by EU-H2020, Interreg Atlantic Area, Interreg POCTEP, EU/H2020-Green Deal, EU/Interregional I3 Instrument, among others.


Business Development and R&D&i Management

The range of services provided by the Business Innovation and Development department is focused on driving competitiveness for the aquaculture and seafood products industries, as well as safeguarding an ordered and sustainable development of the aquaculture activity. We provide services ranging from launching new business models to streamlining production processes or developing new products.

Identifying spaces supporting development of aquaculture.
Processing of authorisations enabling activity exploitation.
Searching for funding aiming to implementing investment and innovation projects

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Comprehensive counselling for sea products companies diversification: new species or products, new farming methods, search for innovative technologies.

TRANSFER: Holding meetings for the transfer of R&D&i results in the industry.



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We work to respond to the R+D+i needs of the aquaculture and seafood sectors, developing tailor-made solutions for their different technical and productive processes, using applied research as the driving force; reflecting experience and professionalism, innovation and creativity, as well as our social and environmental commitment.